S&S Management has taken an initiative to introduce one of the most revolutionary product-the eco friendly water bottles. For a better tomorrow, we ought to step to towards development in a sustainable kind of way. Plastic can never be a reliable source for containing mineral water, as when plastic water bottles come in direct contact with sun light it creates cancer creating particles. Understanding this major concern S&S has come a with an alternative of eco friendly water bottle

S&S toxin free water bottle is the first discovery of its kind, hence pledging for an eco friendly way of survival vision of an environment friendly future. Not only do we aim of a better tomorrow but also bring about a change as such that is a big step for the well being of the society that we are a part of. To free the drinking water from toxic bottles is what we take as another step for a successful business both in terms of growth and survival.



We aim to replace plastic water bottles completely. We all know how harmful can be! When a plastic water bottle is exposed to direct sunlight, it forms cancer creating particles:- Biphenyl A, which is very harmful for human health. Not only human, but plastic are a growing threat to the planet Earth also. Understanding this major issue, the bottles that we deem to manufacture is towards sustainable development; i.e., developing ourselves today in way which does not compromise the future. Plastics are a non-biodegradable component, which never get degraded through the natural process, which again reduces the fertility of soil, hence being a major bane for the environment. Keeping all these major problems in mind, S&S toxin free water bottles are totally biodegradable and natural. Our bottles can easily degrade with the natural process within 12 months under the required conditions. Moving towards zero side effects and 100% health effective S&S Water bottles are deem to be symbolic revolution in the line of eco friendly initiative. With S&S Water bottles-a contribution to green living and practices to conserve the energy and resources for a better trade performance, our future ought to be a zero environment damaging range.



Stepping towards an environment friendly tomorrow

With each step that S&S takes, the main goal is to proceed towards an eco-friendly processing and arrive at the natural product.

Elimination plastics completely

With S&S water bottles, we aim to eradicate harmful plastic water bottles, hence moving towards a green India.

Aiming for a sustainable development

The main motive behind this initiative is to develop our present in a way which does not compromise the future generation and they can line in an environment friendly atmosphere.

Abiding by the business ethics

We, as a part of society aim to give to it as much as we can S&S in its.working deem to follow the general code of conduct and be a responsible firm.