S&S Fruits and Veggies is an initiative to provide healthy handpicked groceries directly from the farmland to the doorstep of our customers. The grocery will be brought from the farmland, in which our experts shall select best from the lot; only then they are brought to our store. What we ensure is that we serve quality graded fruits, vegetables and juices, thereby delivering the best products. Our store products will we what from established farms only after they have part rigorous third party inspection. Our local growers produce a whole line of contamination and pesticide free groceries


Once we commence the store we shall strive to continuously supply all our customers with the best possible product available. In the preset day scenario where food adulteration is all we can here, S&S brings fresh and natural groceries and juices to ensure nutrition and healthy future with an aims to completely remove chemical processing , hence paving a path for a healthy life our tests for quality assurance as if the grocery or juices does not meet the standards or pass our guidelines after production , you won’t see it in your shopping basket unless it is 100% right for your diet.





Our store will be located in the Delhi/NCR region, with an aura inspired by natured by nature. The stories interior is supposed to give you a complete feel of eating healthy in nature’s lap. Stop by S&S fruits and veggies and be assured of the natural feel that we deem to provide with an executive guiding you all over. You can visit us and get a healthy set of services, be 100% assured of the quality product that we serve. Also our customer friendly operations and a green environment are deemed to give you a nutritious atmosphere. We aim to keep the store as green as possible with a soothing aura to give you the feel of nutrition place.



We focus on digital every aspect of our working of S&S fruits and veggies through our regular availability you can reach out to us for any queries we shall also provide doorstep delivery of our products . following are the 3 simple step for our home delivery feature.

You can place your order on our website. After confirmation, we will schedule your order as recent as possible.

After the scheduling, we are thoroughly working to process your order expect your order for delivery in the day light.

The delivery should be on time you can give us your valuable feedback so as to let us serve you in the most efficient way.




We provide vegetables and fruits which are completely fresh and naturally harvested, hence assuring the customers of our unpreserved nature of serving and a diet full of nutrition.

Better Tasting

Since our exporters for the store products are from around the Delhi/NCR region, it is picked within the last couple of days, due to which our products tends to taste better.

Improved Food System

We support local farmers, hence giving back into the local community the main focus is to favor small scale local farmers to enter into market through their skilled farming techniques.

Less Generic = More Choice

the average grocery travels over 1000 kilometers before it gets to your plates. through our local farmers support initiative, we also are able to provide the best in your plate.

Expert Approved

The groceries and juices go through a set of tests. It they don't meet the standards or benchmark, they never reach to your dining table.


We believe in uplifting consuming standards by providing nutritious food to support health, happiness and a better dieting habits. With a vision of improved eating habits and uplifting of the local farmers, we deem to step into the future with a healthy tomorrow.