S&S believes that child security should top priority for today’s era. Looking at the increasing crimes which involve children, S&S collaborated with a revolutionary initiative MY SKOOL NET – A software  made to provide digital shield to the children in the school campus. A management software made to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of daily institutional operational .We aim to empower educational institutes of  varied sizes and operations to focus on delivering a high quality education without worrying about the administrative process.

We, at S&S holds the sole distributorship and marketing of  MY SKOOL NET with  the mutual vision of helping schools and parents by providing complete digital assistance . Along with the school management software, MY SKOOL NET provides a school app with multi lingual feature to provide quick access.


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My Skool Net has a feature where teachers upload daily homework of students online so that parents are totally updated of their child’s academic life. Also, we upload the report how the child has done his homework or he has done it or not; hence, making sure parents know.


My Skool Net also comes with a feature where school uploads photos of any function or event happening in the school. Hence our software is not just about administrative work but also the general school workings. All the events, their data and everything is uploaded for a clear view.


In this software, if any query or performance is required, parents can directly get the required info by just logging into My Skool Net. Not only parents, we offer a general inquiry system open for parents, teachers and any other individual interested in knowing about the school.


With GPS tracking, comes another feature where our application automatically sends a text message to both parents and school informing them if the bus will be late. A rough estimation is send as a text message regarding the time in which the bus will reach its destination


Now the decision making facility gets easier. During any arguments regarding the school’s working. All the staff members can vote from their mobile phones and arrive at a quick decision. And hence through our software there comes an efficient and speedy working of the school management.


The CCTV is connected to the software and is accessible by the parents. They can keep a close watch on their child through this feature. Now the parents will be well-informed of their child’s behavior and hence now the school’s accountability is reduced to some extent.


One of our extraordinary feature is that we offer live lecture. If the school wishes students can get live access to the classroom lecture. This may be a boon to the school if the school is offering distance learning, hence increasing school’s reach.


Based on the data uploaded on the students by the school, our software makes a comparison of his day-to-day performance and gives a visual review to the parents.


We also upload classwork on My Skool Net, to make sure parents can have a clear access on the happenings in the school. The daily lessons taught in the school are uploaded regularly on the software so as it becomes easy for parents and teachers.


Believing in the digitalization, My Skool Net comes with features that are environment friendly. Reducing a lot of paperwork, here we are providing a digital fee receipt on the app making it convenient for both school administration and parents.


Our software comes with an SMS alert feature where parents are notified of the ongoing events also in case of any urgent notice to parents, the school can use the massaging feature to directly contact the parents and inform them the issue.


Aiming at digitalizing each and every aspect of school life, we ensure at making each and every child’s school life secured to the utmost level. We at S&S hope to get everything online, so that school mishaps are reduced to a great extent.


The medical condition of a child is top priority for any school. Hence, at My Skool Net, there is a column where students’ medical history is recorded for any reference or for avoiding any mishaps in the school hour.


My Skool Net uploads the result and mark sheets of students online, hence reducing the burden for the teaching staff. Through this software parents get the updates of their child on their phones.


Our software comes with notification, pop-ups and other altering services. We make sure the updates reach to the parents and hence an alert is send to their phones as soon as any report of their child is uploaded.


There is a special section in our app where parents can have a direct chat with the class teacher or the respective subject teacher anytime they want to. Also they get direct remarks by the teacher regarding child’s performance. The diary section also have school calendar, class timetable, exam-timetable and the holidays listed in it.


Regular attendance is uploaded on the software to keep the parents as well as teachers noted of the regularity of a student. Also our software has a feature where the CCTV footage is live accessible parents can keep a close watch on their child’s daily routine.


We offer a secured and convenient payment. Our online payment option’s reliability is really good. It is easy to operate and is strongly recommended for schools. My Skool Net is integrated with debit cards, net banking and mobile payments along with a fast, reliable and secure passage for processing payments.


Keeping in mind, the diversified Indian culture, we designed a software available in different languages to ensure the wide angle workings. Hence making the software easy to access even in the remote corner.


We digitalized the fee depositing method, enabling online payment gateways. And so the fees can be deposited with just a click by sitting at home. It becomes easy for school as the administrative workload is reduced.


For an easy access to users, we have designed the Application, available on Play Store and Apple Store. Now you don’t have to worry about the child’s whereabouts, just login to our app and get the live reports.


Our app does not limit to parents and school administration relationship but also between the teachers and school and a large interlinked network. Any change in any of the staff’s working, an alert is send on their mobile phones regarding the changes and hence the teachers ill work accordingly


One year data base for every child. All the information of the student like his mark sheet, attendance, working, medical history and other important detailed of the students for at least a year is updated on the software. And so with a quick glance one can easily know the students’ performance history through data as well as visual.


One of the exceptional feature of our app is that it comes with live GPS tracking. This feature makes sure that while coming and going from school, the student is safe and protected. The drivers’ live location is tracked through his phone so that both school and parents can trace the routes, location and current whereabouts of the child.


Apart from the half yearly and annual reports, MY SKOOL NET uploads daily class test marks, internal marks on details of any other events held in school pictures of events held, Result of the events, competition going on in school a any such happenings they are uploaded for a clear picture of the working of the school not only student but parents are well informed about the school also.


My Skool Net features both group and individual school can send SMS as a general modification to all the staff and parents, or some alert to the teaching staff, a to whatever set of group they want to apart from this, individual text feature is also available where required alerts can be sent to a single parent or teacher, to whomsoever it may concern.


Giving money to a 5-6 year child is not such a good idea. And hence you can keep some money in there Skool Net e-wallet, from here they first have to tell their name in the canteen, and the money will be deducted as per the order by the canteen staff. We have digitalized each and every aspect of school to ensure that the child faces least inconvenience.


Our software automatically sends a late-fee alert to parents. Now, the school does not to check on each and every student for their fee deposits.


Since the school buses are tracked, parents and school can not only see the live location but also the whole route that the bus will go through.


Both parents work these days, it becomes quite difficult for them to attend monthly/ weekly parents teachers meeting, which becomes hassle for school staff also. So here comes the live video meeting session future. Parents can chat with teachers while being at their workplace and get all the updates. Also the workload of teachers is reduced, since they can get the meeting done with each and every parent.

Why My Skool Net?

Thousands of students, hundreds of admission queries, piles of attendance sheets and report cards, bucket full of complains. It is very difficult to manage all these task.

My Skool Net is a one stop pollution of all these tasks. Our software helps school administrative to manage all the clerical tasks involved in running a school like managing student and staff date. Streamlining administrative tasks and maximizing communication between school and parent.

My SKool Net is a multipurpose school management software system that empowers schools and parents to manage and monitor day-to-day functioning of their child activities.

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