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Why Invest In Us

Investments Can Gain You High Results!

“When you save, your money sits idle. When you invest, your money multiplies.’

Your investment choices can significantly impact the rate at which your money compounds. And we at S&S Management provide the right avenue for investment with assurance of delivery of superior profit returns.Here are the reasons to why you should invest in us:

Assured Profit Return: Unlike mutual funds and all such traditional forms of investment, your investment is not subjected to market risk. While earning is your job, investing it wisely and delivering high returns is ours. Your profit returns will not be affected by the organization’s overall profits and losses. Whether our firm earns a profit or suffers a loss, you will always get your profit return on every 30th day (or the next working day in case of a bank holiday) without fail. Thus investing in us is an excellent way to enjoy high returns with zero risk.

Lifelong Profit Return: Once you have invested in us, you can be rest assured for all your life.You will get your profit returns each month without fail lifelong. Along with that, you can also mention a nominee who will then benefit from your profit return for all their lives.

Highest Percentage of Profit Return: We do not just claim to have the highest percentage of profit return, it is a fact that we do. Be it fixed deposits, mutual funds or any other traditional forms of investment, none of them assure a profit return as high as ours. One time investment may result in guaranteed profit returns as high as 2.5% to 5%.

Investment for a Greater Cause: Your investment goes into our projects and since we work on the model of social entrepreneurship, your investment does not just assure you with a secure profit return, but you are also helping people belonging to the weaker sections of the society with the same.

Guaranteed high profit returns lifelong along with supporting a noble cause: can it possibly get any better?

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*This is easily accessible to all classes but for the underprivileged who earn less than 3 Lakhs per annum and have managed to save some money but are still not able to meet the minimum investment requirement, they can also invest a lower capital amount. For that, along with the rest of the necessary documents, they will also have to submit their income certificate.

Withdrawal Of Capital

In case of emergency, a request for withdrawal will be considered on a prior notice of 15 days in case of withdrawal of 50% of the capital amount and of 45 days in case of withdrawal of the entire capital. You can read more about the terms and conditions below.


➤(1).S&S holds discretionary powers in regards to all fundings offered to the company.
➤(2).Minimum profit % (what so ever promised) will be provided lifelong.
➤(3).If the investor is willing to withdraw their entire amount from the total capital, he/she is required to give a prior notice of 45 days before the profit return will be deposited on the return date that comes during this tenure.
➤(4).In case of any emergency, the investor can withdraw 50% of the investment on a prior notice of 15 days. A profit return calculated on the remaining amount will be deposited on the return date that comes during this tenure.
➤(5).All the fundings provided to the firm shall remain purely and totally confidential unless otherwise demand or needed by the legal machinery of the country.
➤(6).S&S management Pvt. Ltd. takes all responsibility of the capital invested and ensures total safety of the amount invested.
➤(7).We restrict access to personal into, to there who require it to develop support, offer and deliver products & services to you.
➤(8).One of the key policies of S&S management Pvt. Ltd. is keeping Complete transparency of all the fundings provided by the client, and this entireinformation remains completely confidential b/w the client and the company.
➤(9). S&S hold all the rights to return the entire capital of the client, if needed a prior notice of 45 days will be provided to the client.
➤(10).In case there are any loses suffered by the company, the return and the capital of the clients shall remain completely safe and unaffected. .