In the modern era, it has become quite tiring both physically and mentally for an individual to manage both workspace and home space. Right from basic activities such as cleaning and cooking to technical activities like AC repairing, pest control etc, one needs to keep a check of everything in order to ensure the smooth functioning of a home. Effective home management is essential for maintaining the condition of the household as well as overall health of the family.

Much like operating a business, managing a home requires skills and organization. And we at S&S Management are here to help you out with the same. We are a management firm and we offer a wide variety of service solutions for all the necessary as well as luxury activities performed in your home. We outsource proficient people for all your household requirements so that you can sit back comfortably and have a sip of your tea in peace and leave all your ‘homework’ to us

Once you order us for the overall service of your home, we send a supervisor to your home to analyze the work and then accordingly we assign the jobs as required.

But, hiring so many workers at a time may become costly and chaotic for our customers. Being a customer friendly firm, we mould ourselves according to our client’s needs. To reduce the chaos, we can assign you a single worker for all the basic household chores. Apart from the household chores, we also offer service on demand basis. These include carpenters, electricians, laundrymen, gardeners, plumbers, pest control, technicians, masons, painters, AC repairmen, RO installation and any other technician or worker required.



A main concern should always be to keep your family and your home safe. Additionally, you need to provide them with the feeling of a safe atmosphere, S & S Management offers home management services for security on Full time and part time basis.


From lightening up a living room to a complete color overhaul, the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on your home is huge! If your home's feeling a bit tired, S & S Management is there to liven up the dull walls at your home on Demand basis.

Newspaper Boy

Sit back and enjoy your favorite newspapers, magazines - or both - delivered to your home each morning, S & S Management offers home management services for Newspaper/ Magazine boy on Regular and on Demand basis.

Air conditioning

For all your basic Air conditioning issues like weird noises, water pooling , warm air issues or if the Ac stops working entirely. We have technically proficient Ac repairmen available for you, S & S Management offers home management services for air conditioner repairing on Demand basis.


Do you think that you hardly have any time to search for a home cook and it is quite tough to strike a fine balance between your professional and personal life? If yes, then you are at the right place, S & S Management provides you good, vetted and experienced cooks on full time and part time basis.


If you desire a sturdy renovated structure, then S&S' skilled masonry is your answer. Our adaptability to customized structural designs and cost competitiveness marks us apart from the rest, S & S Management offers home management services for Masonry on demand basis.

Pest control

For the extermination of all unwanted pests that can harm the health of your family and pets, we have specialist who after a thorough examination spray insecticides and set traps for rodents, S & S' provides pest control on demand as well as a routine checkup every month depending on the necessity.


Training and maintaining clean edges with your topiary and hedges requires the right skills, experience and tools. Our professional gardeners will give you the look you desire, S & S Management provides top- notch gardener who will help you plan your garden on full time and part time basis.

Laundryman/ dhobhi

We provide top-notch laundry man, dry cleaning and ironing services so that you can look and feel your finest. Your dirty laundry will be returned freshly cleaned, carefully organized and neatly folded. S & S Management offers home management services for laundry on regular and on demand basis


Our personal drivers provide a chauffeur experience in the comfort of your own car. The driver will take you to appointments, events, errands, and more. Eliminate stress over unfamiliar locations or difficult parking. Sit back and relax as you're driven wherever you need to go. Find trustworthy and responsible professional drivers, S & S Management offers home management services for drivers on Full time and on Demand basis.


Although many people enjoy getting fresh flowers , few take the time to put them in their homes on a regular basis. They pass right by them in the grocery store and unless a special occasion is on the horizon, they hardly give them a second look. Fresh flowers should be a regular thing rather than an extravagance reserved only for gifts, S & S Management offers home management services for florist on Regular and on Demand basis.

Ro installation, repair

The most basic need of your household and health, purified drinking water is now sorted. Get your services at the time and space of your convenience for RO repair, installation or regular RO service. End the long hours in frustration for the right handyman to take care of your RO and stop putting your health on risk because nothing comes before pure water, S & S Management offers home management services for RO Repair on demand basis.


For all your furniture installations, fixtures and repairs, we have professional carpenters for you at your beck & call. A lot of energy and time is invested in keeping a house together – to constantly treat the minor breakdowns and malfunctions. There might be a squeaky door hinge that needs your attention or the vintage master bed may need some fixing, S & S Management offers home management services for Carpenters on Demand basis.


In order to get life back on track and restore electricity as soon as possible you may require the new MCB Installation, Inverter Repair, LED Light Fittings, Electrical wiring, replacement of Electrical Switches or replacement of Electrical Panel or any type of electrician services. So if you need immediate assistance for electrical services, S & S Management will provide you with the best, S & S Management offers home management services for electricians on Demand basis.

Personal Assistant

The key to to day-to-day success is to hire a PA to keep the trains running on time while you focus on big picture ideas. Even if you can do all the administrative work yourself, why should you? The one hour a day you spend running to the post office, balancing the checkbook, or booking airline tickets would be better spent calling prospects, learning, or thinking strategically, S & S Management offers home management services for PA’s on Full time and Part time basis.

Sofa Dry Cleaners

From cotton upholstery to leather finish, there exists a wide array of sofa designs with a range of materials which may pick some amount of dust on a daily basis which cannot be washed away using regular cleaners. S & S Management offers home management services for professional sofa dry cleaners on regular and on demand basis.


Hiring so many workers at a a time may become chaotic for our clients, pertaining to this need we offer supervisory services to ensure smooth and dutiful workings. A supervisor will oversee the ongoing management, operation and management of an office/Home, including third-party service providers.


Any kind of obstruction in plumber fitting, such as a clogged pipe or running toilet, can bring your entire schedule to a standstill, while at the same time disrupting your normalcy of everyday life. S&S aiming for a hassle free services, provides you with skilled plumbers for an intact and a leakage free environment at your home.

In order to facilitate things for you and your family further, we also offer services like:

Child Care:

Every parent wants to give their child the very best. We Offer thought of “who will care for my little one in my absence?
Driver: Tell us where & when do you need the driver. We will confirm your request and assign a very professional & qualified driver
Security: a complete security solution that offers very trustworthy and highly secured security services.
PAS: Personal Assistant Services to give busy people the resources of a full time personal assistant at a fraction of the cost.