We believe creativity is the key for any project. With creativity comes responsibility of serving better each day. We understand the importance of an event for an individual and hence at S&S Event Management, we strive to be organized, innovative and punctual to give the best event from our end. It is obvious that the clients who choose event managers for their functions expect the best, therefore our events have everything to make sure our clients leave happily.

We takeover the complete event and manage it to the best of our capabilities with the best resources. The requirement of a function is catered by providing apt manpower, vehicles, decorations, etc. We provide supervisors, volunteers, caterers, DJs and the all the other manpower depending on the event. We have expert event organizers with well qualified creative fresher team controlled by professionally capable event managers to organise fascinating and enthralling events. So, if you want to organise any special event, you are at the right place to get maximum assistance at minimum cost.

Our event management team hear our clients and understand their needs completely, which later on turns out to be exactly what they expected. We believe in providing not only a successful, but at a reasonable price rates.

With usual events, we also provide marketing of one's brand/product, hence making S&S, a one stop event managing destination. Our services are distinguished and prominent as with the normal event organization, we also provide customized, on demand, special purpose vehicles, promotional vehicles etc. to boost up the marketing techniques. So, we not only do the needful but provide all the other extra benefits. Our staff is trained to assist the best of our services to our clients hence with special attention in the work we do, we stand out as an affordable event management company.



For a corporate event to be successful, the event managers should be strategic, energetic and creative in their work model. We have a team of proficient event management workforce who knows to work in the dynamic corporate environment, in adherence with schedule, organization norms and business luminaries. We understand the level of professionalism and alterations required in the corporate sector, so with creativity comes our responsibility of expert and efficient management. Following are the sectors we excel at:


We value the rituals of traditional Indian wedding. Understanding the importance of the day for the couple and the family, we strive to give our best to them. From pre wedding ceremonies to post wedding ceremonies, our management tend to be perfect and as per the wishes of our clients, and never missing the opportunity to make the day memorable for them. Not just the wedding ceremony, following are the list of events, we manage for a grand wedding:


This is the most varied sector of our event management company. From usual festivities to a glamorous fashion shows, we manage everything and any theme based events as necessitated by our clients. We have professional for each type of classified event to make a simple party/function enthralling and wonderful. The most important feature of an event management firm is innovative, ideas and creativity and our workforce is smart in their performance with skills and specialities. Following are the few sector where our company deals in:


Be it a small gathering or a large bash, we are well organized to host any party. If observed carefully, India has always been an epitome of celebrations. We believe no matter what the occasion is it should be celebrated as heartedly as possible and so here at S&S, we serve our clients not just professionally but by providing a personal touch of happiness to their celebrations. We mould our service providing criteria, as per the requirements, which has turned out to be a major reason for the success so far, hence adding cherry on the cake to the event. Following are some of the event we deal in:


This is a crucial event for any company for the widespread of their services. The motive of such events is to achieve a particular purpose to generate the awareness or publicity for that specific brand or product. At S&S, we understand the solemnity of the event and work with full dedication to arrive at a better result,so that the clients are happy! These are useful and efficient ways on which the success of the business is dependant,for which we have trained professionals to make sure the event turn out shining star. Some of our marketing events are:-



Our price rangearevery economical also, we provide commission depending on the event type. We deem to give our clients a satisfactory service, hence keeping our rates significantly less than the market rates.


The employees hired at S&S event management are efficient and very well know he field of event organising. To make our event responsive, it is necessary that the organizers are expertise in that field .keeping this in mind, our event management workforce is creative, efficient and dutiful.


The managers here have an effective communication network. We pay immense heed to our client’s demand and later take up a meeting with our entire workforce to take up ideas for the event, hence co-ordinating and collaborating all our resources for the success of the event.


Our ideology and technical features stands out in the management process. The collaborated ideas of our expertized workforce and taken in to consideration and we come up with the best amongst them, also we use latest technological features to present our events innovatively. Combining all these, our events are hence ingenious and vital.


We understand the value that an event carries for our clients. Working towards that we ensure that the services rendered are of utmost quality and probity. We make sure our clients are not only satisfied but happy also, and hence we keep working towards serving our best.